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Obtained his Master's Degree in Sports Management from St. John's University. Although years of education could set him up for a good career, Nino always knew he wanted to create his own lane to help create wealth within the community. The decision to invest and count on himself rather than playing it safe, put him in the position to help others win.




Climbed the ladder within NYC Parks Department to a position offering him a generous salary and plenty of room to continue growing. Never accepting retirement as his future, Rico resigned after 10 years to scratch the itch of ambition to do more. Now he's building his network to connect the community to resources that will bridge the gap to wealth.

NR Wealth Group thrives on the mission of “Building Wealthy Communities”. We are passionate about creating opportunities that build wealth, stability, and financial freedom for all. We pride ourselves on arming those in low socioeconomic communities with the tools to gain access to financial literacy, increased income, and generational wealth.

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Because we have taken the obligation to help our community understand the power of credit and give them a second chance at obtaining wealth for their families.

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